Charlotte Ann Paul Stained Glass

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Installation Title:
Arc for Exchange




“The ‘Arc for Exchange’ illuminates our atrium entrance with brilliant color and light and encourages us to look upward at the expanse above.

The arc is the most beautiful and dramatic feature of the building.

There is a natural elegance and commitment to sustaining life in the practice of business with integrity and transparency. To me, the ‘Arc’ captures this vision.”

– Christine Clements, Dean


Medium:       Tempered/laminated stained glass on fourth floor.  First to third floor colored acrylic & stainless steel trim.



Top glass panel of installation at University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

View from below of University of Wisconsin, Whitewater stained glass installation

Detail of Whitewater stained glass installationCharlotte Paul working on stained glass installation from boom lift

View this documentary video about the conception and installation of the Arc for Exchange.

Arc for Exchange from Jonathon Kelley on Vimeo.



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