Charlotte Ann Paul Stained Glass

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L A P H A M   H A L L   M I L W A U K E E

Installation Title:


The ability to see clearly and intuitively into the nature of a complex subject. 

– Webster's Dictionary



Stained Glass

44 Windows
Each 24” x 45”
Total installation 4’ x 125’.

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
Lapham Hall



Lapham HallThe title “Insights” as defined in Webster dictionary:The stained glass window designs are a synthesis of scientific elements, including biological, geological, and chemical compounds.

The designs are abstract with hints of realistic elements from my studies in science and natural forms found in nature.  As scientific equipment improves, more information is made visible, leading to new levels of discovery.  This insight is exciting for both scientist and artist, as we continue our explorations of the unknown and make what we discover visible.

University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee - Lapham Hall